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WanaCrypt0r ransomware follow-up attacks likely, new variants spotted

The public firestorm over the release and plague-like spread of WanaCryptOr late last week was still in full-throated roar when reports of variants of the ransomware being discovered began appearing. The first updated version appeared two days after the initial attack and did not include any major revisions, but simply pointed to a new command-and-control…

New Shadow Brokers dump suggests NSA spied on Middle Eastern banks

The Shadow Brokers hacking group responsible for leaking tools and exploits purportedly linked to the U.S. National Security Agency dumped more stolen secrets on Friday, including evidence that the spy agency was likely monitoring the activity of Middle Eastern banks. According to news reports and analysis from security researchers, the latest cache of files linked…
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Report: United Nations withheld news of systems hack in European offices

Officials at the United Nations reportedly discovered last August that hackers had compromised its IT systems in Geneva and Vienna last summer, but the cyber espionage attack remained undisclosed until it was revealed on Wednesday in an exposé by The New Humanitarian (TNH). TNH, which once operated under the auspices of the UN Office for…
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