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Ragnar Locker teams up with Maze; Zorab ransomware imitates decryptor

Shortly after the Maze ransomware gang teased that another threat actor would be joining its newly formed cybercrime cartel, the group has appeared to welcome the Ragnar Locker group into the fold. Maze announced a new victim on its data dump website — in this case, a marketing agency — but credited the Ragnar Locker…
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Maze delivers on threat to publish data stolen from Canon

Canon apparently didn’t pay up as previously believed after it fell victim to a Maze ransomware attack, because the company’s stolen data has cropped up online. On the site where Maze leaks data from its conquests, attackers said that they would release five percent of the data stolen from Canon during the late July attack,…
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Maze ransomware possibly behind Southwire attack

Wire and cable manufacturer Southwire is in the recovery phase from a ransomware attack that struck on December 9 knocking a large portion of the company offline. Published reports state Maze ransomware was the weapon of choice and that the attackers demanded an 850 bitcoin, about $6 million, payment or else the encrypted data would…
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Xerox apparent victim of Maze attack

It appears that Xerox is among the victims of Maze ransomware attackers, if screenshots posted by the ransomware’s operators are legitimate. The hackers pilfered more than 100GB of information and are threatening to publish it, according to a report in BleepingComputer, which cited the ransom note as saying, “After the payment the data will be…
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Ransomware gang claims attack on LG Electronics

The Maze ransomware gang is claiming on its data leak website to have stolen files from South Korean company LG Electronics. “Soon you’ll be able to know how the LG company have lost the source code of its projects for one very big telecommunications company, working worldwide,” the group says on its website. Maze is…
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Maze ransomware publicly shaming victims into paying

At least five law firms have been hit and held hostage by the Maze ransomware group in the last four days with these attacks being part of a wider campaign possibly affecting between 45 and 180 total victims in January. Maze is using a somewhat unique tactic with its latest victims. Instead of simply placing…
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Maze behind Pensacola ransomware attack

Maze was behind the ransomware attack on the City of Pensacola that began early Saturday morning, and its operators have demanded a $1 million ransom to provide the municipality with a decryptor. The Maze operators, who typically threaten to publish files online if victims don’t pony up, said in a Bleeping Computer report that the…
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Med group’s breach disclosure claims SSNs unaffected; leaked docs suggest otherwise

The Affordacare Urgent Care Clinic, a network of medical providers based in Texas, has officially confirmed a combination data breach-ransomware attack that exposed sensitive information. The company is claiming that social security numbers were not impacted in the incident, despite security experts having demonstrated that the attackers have published stolen documents containing patients’ and employees’…
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Some cybercriminals consider laying off health care targets amid COVID-19 crisis

Certain members of the cybercriminal community, including a few malware developers and operators, have reportedly expressed a willingness to avoid attacking health care companies and other organizations that are key to battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, two cyber firms have pledged to offer free services to health care organizations hit by ransomware. BleepingComputer this week…
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UCSF, Conduent are latest to suffer the slings and arrows of ransomware

Academic health research institution the University of California, San Francisco and business process services company Conduent have emerged as two of the latest prominent victims of organized ransomware attacks. UCSF was targeted by the NetWalker (aka MailTo) ransomware group, as evidenced by a post on the cyber gang’s data leak website, while it was the Maze…
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