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SC Media Reboot Leadership Awards – Innovators

Kevin Gosschalk, Arkose LabsKevin Gosschalk was among the first to use gamification technology to help solve fraud problems for some of the world’s most targeted businesses with the goal of being able to implement the technique without impacting user experience. Complete profile…. Dan Cornell, Denim GroupDenim Group CTO Dan Cornell, who created the company’s ThreadFix…
SC Awards

Finalists: Best Emerging Technology

Just as the threat landscape evolves, so must the technology used by the cybersecurity community to respond. Companies large and small filter dollars into research and development in an effort to approach challenges in a new way, and to stay ahead of adversaries. Products and services recognized in this category – each of which hit…
APTs/cyberespionage, Cybercrime, Security News

Hacker-for-hire groups profit by commoditizing APT tactics

In the span of just over three months, researchers have exposed three mercenary, “hacker-for-hire” groups engaging in industrial espionage and stealing corporate secrets for profit. Despite using tactics, techniques and procedures that are more typical of a nation-state ATP group, these threat actors –  Dark Basin, DeathStalker and an unnamed third entity group detailed late last month by Bitdefender –…

Natus reportedly updates EEG device software to squash RCE, DoS bugs

Health care device manufacturer Natus Medical Incorporated has reportedly updated the software used in its Xltek EEG products, which monitor brain activity, after a researcher discovered five vulnerabilities that a remote, unauthenticated attacker could exploit to trigger code execution of a denial of service condition.
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