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Microsoft ALPC zero-day already wrapped into PowerPool malware

A Microsoft Windows task manager surprisingly released last week, is already being exploited in a PowerPool threat group malware campaign. The so-called zero day exploit was announced in what researchers described as a “rather acerbic tweet” which was obviously not part of a coordinated vulnerability disclosure as there was no fix in place to patch…
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The installer was easy to use and this product needs Microsoft's .N
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Rivals not convinced of Microsoft’s Vista offer

While Microsoft has made a lot of fanfare about the concessions they announced last week regarding kernel access to 64-bit Vista, the leading IT security manufacturers said this week that what Microsoft eventually offers them may be too little, too late.

Put on your consulting hat

Despite increasing government data regulations to guard against information leaks and cyberattacks, security pros can no longer simply lock down corporate IT systems. Nor can security pros let business leaders or employees pick and choose security procedures without understanding the implications.
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