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Double trouble: TwoFace webshell linked to malicious websites targeting Israeli institutions

An analysis of a recently discovered webshell used to harvest credentials from an unnamed Middle Eastern organization has unearthed a complex malicious infrastructure that appears to be targeting Israeli institutions and may possibly be linked to the Iranian APT group OilRig, according to researchers. The webshell, called TwoFace, was discovered by Palo Alto Networks’ Unit…

New variant of Emotet loader spreads internally like worm

Samples of the malicious downloader Emotet have begun to surface with the ability to internally propagate, using credential brute-force techniques. The latest evolution of the trojan, which typically drops credential stealers and banking trojans, was reported today in a Fidelis Cybersecurity blog post that suggests the actors behind the campaign may have been inspired by the Wannacry and…
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SC Media spies on NSA’s annual Cyber Defense Exercise

SC Media was granted inside access to the NSA’s annual Cyber Defense Exercise, where computer network specialists tested the network security know-how of the finest young tech minds the U.S. and Canadian military academies have to offer. They’re called the “Red Cell” – a team of computer network specialists, working under the auspices of the…
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