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VMware advisory warns users to patch critical issue in product
Network Security, Vulnerabilities

VMware begins patching process for Linux SACK vulnerabilities

VMware is instructing users to be on the lookout for software patches for 31 products that are affected by two vulnerabilities associated with the Linux kernel implementation of TCP Selective Acknowledgement (SACK). The two flaws, SACK Panic (CVE-2019-11477) and SACK Excess Resource Usage (CVE-2019-11478), were originally found and disclosed by Netflix researchers, along with two…

Double plot twist: Another phony Netflix email turns out to be phishing scam

Another Netflix phishing campaign was seen in the wild prompting customers to update their login credentials or risk being locked out of their account. A similar scam occurred earlier this year. Mailguard researchers described the email used in the scam as being relatively well designed and said the scammers are using a template system to…
Network Security

44% of sampled websites fail password protection assessment

An analysis of 48 popular websites determined that 46 percent of consumer services sites and 36 percent of enterprise or business services sites had “dangerously lax” password policies that failed to enforce even some of the most basic security requirements. Dashlane, a password manager app and secure digital wallet provider, conducted the security assessment, publishing…
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