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1 billion reasons why compliance matters

By Jason Wang, CEO of TrueVault The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is starting to show its teeth as regulators evaluate penalties for Facebook after a high-profile security breach of user data. If Facebook is found to be in violation of GDPR, the technology company could be facing more than $1 billion (roughly…
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What can be done about the growing threat of spoofing?

Robocalls and “spoof” calls are much more than just annoyances. They’re also a lucrative underworld business that poses significant security and privacy threats to businesses and consumers. Between March 2017 and March 2018, nearly 25 million Americans lost almost $9 billion to scam phone calls. If any doubt remains how insidious the business is, just…
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What the Trump Administration Can Do to Boost Software and IoT Security

Last May, President Trump ordered his administration to come up with a plan for securing the U.S. government and the nation’s infrastructure from cyberattacks that threaten the country’s economy and national security.  Under the order, the President tasked the Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of Homeland Security to identify and promote action by stakeholders…

Pretexting – white lies that can damage your company

In the wake of recent news at HP, pretexting has become the hot topic in the business world, and its sudden rise to fame broaches numerous questions including: What exactly is pretexting? How are companies liable for it? What are companies doing that is considered pretexting and how can they protect themselves from becoming the next HP?
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Dyn and Dash

The Inside Story of How Your Favorite Websites Went Down, and How Your Stuff Is To Blame
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