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2017 Biggest Cybercrime Arrests

Cybercriminals often elude authorities but sometimes law enforcement makes a big score and miscreants find themselves in front of a judge and eventually behind bars.
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The Truth About Mainframe Security – And Where You Should Be Focusing

Have you ever noticed that technology is the only industry where the term “legacy” carries a negative connotation? In recent months, so-called legacy systems – most notably the mainframe – have drawn much unwarranted ire, particularly in the government sector. Mainframe technologies are outdated, not compatible with modern security approaches and represent a major risk,…

APT10 exposed new toolset in recent campaigns

FireEye researchers spotted a new group of tools used by the infamous APT10 group that was responsible for the infamous Cloud Hopper campaign among other high profile attacks. During the groups 2016/2017 cyberespionage activities the group revealed a set of unique tools believed to be unique to the threat group including several backdoors and an…
cloud hopper

APT 10’s Cloud Hopper campaign exposed

Security researchers at PwC UK and BAE Systems spotted a China-based cyber espionage campaign, dubbed Cloud Hopper, targeting companies through their managed IT service providers (MSPs). The group behind the attacks, APT10, has targeted Canada, Brazil, France, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, Japan, and India for intellectual property and other sensitive information, according to…
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