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MS13-061 was scrapped after Microsoft became aware that installing it causes problems.
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Report: Account takeover and data scraping attacks on e-retailers up as COVID-19 surges

Masses of global citizens have been retreating to their homes and relying on online services to stock up their domiciles during the coronavirus pandemic, and it could be having an influence on cyberattacks against websites. Researchers at application protection company PerimeterX have reported a two-month increase in account takeover attacks against online home goods retailers,…
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Resellers reportedly using bots to buy up in-demand Nintendo Switches

Consumers sheltering in place at home who were hoping to order a Nintendo Switch to stave off cabin fever during the COVID-19 pandemic have reportedly been thwarted by a newly introduced bot program designed to buy up consoles from e-retailers before ordinary humans can. Dubbed Bird Bot, the open-source tool has been used by buyers…
Cybercrime, Malware, Security News, Web Services Security, E-Commerce Security, Website/Web Server Security

Magecart group compromises 17,000 domains by overwriting Amazon S3 buckets

One of the “Magecart” cybercriminal groups has infected more than 17,000 web domains with JavaScript-based payment card-skimming code by developing an automated process for finding and compromising misconfigured Amazon S3 buckets, researchers have reported. “These actors automatically scan for buckets which are misconfigured to allow anyone to view and edit the files it contains,” writes…
Cybercrime, Retail, Security News, Web Services Security, E-Commerce Security, Website/Web Server Security

Magecart skimmer group guns for Smith & Wesson’s Black Friday sales

The e-commerce website of weapons manufacturer Smith & Wesson has been targeted by a Magecart payment card-skimming group that’s been using lookalike domain names to impersonate payment anti-fraud company Sanguine Security. The Smith & Wesson website was compromised with a JavaScript-based skimmer last Wednesday, Nov. 27 – in time to steal card information for any…
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MyDashWallet compromised for two months, wallet keys taken is recommending that its users remove any funds from their wallets as the site has been compromised for the past two months. MyDashWallet, which calls itself the fastest and easiest way to use DASH cryptocurrency, noted on its site that an associated external site serving CryptoJS scripts was compromised with the end result being…
Security News, Vulnerabilities

900,000 WordPress sites attacked via XSS vulnerabilities

Nearly 1 million WordPress sites are being hit by what is likely a single threat actor attempting to inject a redirect into the sites by exploiting a cross site scripting vulnerability. The attacks were discovered by the WordFence Threat Intelligence Team, which noted that since April 28 the number of XSS attacks has been 30…
Cybercrime, Malware, Retail, Security News, Web Services Security, E-Commerce Security, Website/Web Server Security

Report: NutriBullet’s website injected with skimmer three times by Magecart Group 8

Since February, a prominent Magecart cybercriminal group has injected the same Java-based payment card skimmer program not one, not two, but three times into the compromised international website of blender manufacturer NutriBullet, researchers from RiskIQ have reported. Each time a skimmer was removed from, the criminal actors, known as Magecart Group 8, would reintroduce…
Ransomware, Security News

Cybersecurity: Poised for a giant leap forward

Cybersecurity has enjoyed good health but is an industry itching for innovation and transformation – and the next big thing, Teri Robinson reports. When Neil Armstrong climbed down the ladder on the Apollo 11 lunar module, the Eagle, and toed the moon’s surface, as he so aptly stated, his small step simultaneously represented a giant…
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Android apps with scores of downloads serve up annoying ads, unwanted subscriptions

Hundreds of millions of Android devices have potentially been compromised by malicious adware and ad fraud apps that on the surface appear to offer harmless services such as selfie filters, weather forecasts or VPN security, according to a trio of recently released research reports. Late last week, researchers at mobile security company Wandera reported finding…
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