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Your search for Proofpoint returned 203 results

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Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway

The Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway has many great features. By sitting at the gateway between the firewall and mail server, it is able to monitor all incoming and outgoing mail closely for suspicious content or possible threats.
Microsoft Office 365
Network Security

Office 365 defenses vulnerable to baseStriker malware

Microsoft’s Office 365 has been found vulnerable to an attack methodology that enables malicious links to sneak past most of the product’s cybersecurity defenses by essentially splitting off the dangerous part of the link to it is not spotted. The cloud-security firm Avanan reported testing this flaw, called baseStriker, against Office 365, Office 365 with…
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Blue Coat Systems and Proofpoint partner

Blue Coat Systems, provider of WAN optimization and security web gateway solutions, and Proofpoint, maker of email security and archiving products, have partnered to deliver an offering that counters both email and web-borne threats. The companies are sharing email and URL reputation data to provide the enhanced protection.
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