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QBot malspam campaign preys on Americans anticipation for election news

The campaign, which researchers began tracking early Wednesday morning as President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden were locked in a number of close races across different battleground states, leverages email lures with zip files or attachments with names like “Election Interference.”
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Targeting U.S. banks, Qbot trojan evolves with new evasion techniques

By malware standards, the banking trojan Qbot is long in the tooth, but it still has some bite, according to researchers who say it has added some detection and research evasion techniques to its arsenal. “It has a new packing layer that scrambles and hides the code from scanners and signature-based tools,” wrote Doron Voolf,…
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Shifty new variant of Qbot banking trojan spreads

An active malware campaign primarily targeting U.S. corporations with a new polymorphic variant of the Qbot banking trojan has been compromising thousands of victims around the world, researchers have reported. The worm-like malware, whose original version is roughly a decade old, allows attackers to collect browsing activity and steal bank account credentials and other financial…
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Fujifilm confirms ransomware attack on systems in Japan

In a statement today, the company also said that the impact of the unauthorized access was confined to a specific network in Japan and that they had started to bring network, servers and computers confirmed as safe back into operation.
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Malware Gangs Partner Up in Double-Punch Security Threat

Threatpost spoke with Check Point Research Director of Threat Intelligence Research Maya Horowitz, who highlighted a rising trend of cybercriminal groups joining forces and bolstering the underground cybercriminal economy through their coordinated activities. “In some cases, it’s just an as-a-service model, so the groups don’t necessarily have to know each other. But in many cases,…
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MegaCortex ransomware attacks spike

A spike in activity surrounding the relatively new ransomware MegaCortex was detected on May 1 hitting North America and several European nations. MegaCortex, a take on Metacortex from The Matrix, first surfaced in late January when it was uploaded to VirusTotal from the Czech Republic. Since February there have been 76 confirmed attacks using the…
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Qakbot upgrade includes new obfuscation technique

The Qakbot banking trojan, a.k.a, Qbot has developed new obfuscation techniques that make it harder to detect and remove. Cisco Talos researchers spotted a change in the infection chain of the trojan that may allow the download of the malware to go undetected since it is obfuscated when downloaded and saved in two separate files,…
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