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Rapid7 NeXpose

Rapid7 NeXpose is, generally, an impressive appliance. Although it is a hybrid (vulnerability scanner and penetration test tool), the pen tool is used specifically to validate vulnerabilities and is not intended to be used alone. This is typical of the way an attacker would attempt to penetrate a target.
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Rapid7: InsightVM

Rapid7’s InsightVM is a designed to assess risk across your network and has the ability to bring all of your vulnerability information to a modern dashboard. InsightVM c can conduct regularly scheduled vulnerability scans of network devices, as well as integrate with container registries, AWS, Azure, DHCP, and VMWare to automatically discover new devices or containers as they’re added to the network.
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Rapid7’s InsightIDR

Name: InsightIDR Company: Rapid7 Description: Integrated detection and response tool that makes strong use of deception technology. Price: Dependent on the number URL: https://www. Summary Rapid7 InsightIDR is a detection and response tool that uses deception technology to answer a couple of important questions: “Is the enterprise compromised, and, if so, how do I…
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Rapid7 UserInsight

Rapid7 has been in the vulnerability game for a long time and now have gotten into the active detection game.
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Rapid7 Nexpose Ultimate

The Rapid7 Nexpose series has been with us for a long time. There certainly is a wealth of experience here and, for the most part, it shows. We received the product in a dedicated hardware appliance and setting it up was a bit of a challenge. When we powered up the appliance it automatically assumed…
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