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Remcos RAT campaign delivers new variant using AutoIt wrapper

Researchers have discovered a new Remcos RAT campaign that uses an AutoIt wrapper to deliver a previously unknown variant featuring new obfuscation and anti-debugging techniques. Trend Micro uncovered the threat last July after encountering a phishing email that was disguised as an order notification, but actually contained an attachment that delivered the RAT. “The email…

COVID-19’s impact on package deliveries creates golden opportunity for scammers

Cybercriminals are posing as delivery companies and pretending to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as a means to trick potential victims into opening malicious emails attachments or revealing credentials on phishing websites. Spam and phishing schemes that use postal- and shipping-themed lures are nothing new, but the coronavirus outbreak allows attackers to put a…
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Iceland’s largest phishing campaign imitated police

Iceland fell victim to the largest phishing campaign to target the nation, a complex scheme which involved impersonating law enforcement officers. The attack was tailored specifically for Icelanders and used a homograph trick to register a domain imitating the Icelandic Police domain and a malicious attachment file with which roughly translated to “Called in for…
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Malware, Phishing, Security News

Malicious document builder LCG Kit a key component in recent phishing campaigns

Researchers at Proofpoint have uncovered a sophisticated tool commonly used by malicious actors to build weaponized documents for phishing campaigns. Dubbed LCG Kit, the service has helped small crime groups create docs capable of spreading a variety of remote access trojans and information stealers, such as Loki Bot, FormBook, Agent Tesla, Remcos, AZORult, REvcode RAT and…
Malware, Security News

Heaven’s Gate exploit still defiled ten years later to deliver RATs and stealers

Threat actors were spotted using a decade-old antivirus evasion technique in at least three malware distribution campaigns.  A HawkEye Reborn keylogger, Remcos remote access trojan (RAT), and various other cryptocurrency mining trojan campaigns are using the “Heaven’s Gate” technique to avoid antivirus detection, Cisco Talos researchers said in a July 1 blog post. The technique…

Malicious PowerPoint Slide Show files exploit Microsoft bug to deliver REMCOS RAT

In what researchers are calling a first, malware distributors are now maliciously crafting PowerPoint Open XML Slide Show (PPSX) files to take advantage of a Microsoft Office vulnerability that is more typically exploited with Rich Text File documents. The bug in this case is CVE-2017-0199, a vulnerability in Microsoft Office’s Windows Object linking and Embedding interface, according to…
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Fake Facebook political pages tricked Libyans into downloading RATs

A mysterious hacker has for years been tricking Libyan citizens into infecting themselves with mobile and desktop malware by luring them to weaponized Facebook pages that impersonate key local figures and purport to deliver news of interest to the civil war-torn nation’s people. Researchers from Check Point Software Technologies have traced the campaign – dubbed…
Cybercrime, Malware, Security News

Crooks turn to Delphi packers to evade malware detection

Cybercriminals are increasingly using legitimate programming tools and their default libraries to evade malware detection. According to a blog post by FireEye, many crypting services are being offered in underground forums by hackers who claim to make any malware “FUD” or “Fully Undetectable” by anti-virus technologies, sandboxes and other endpoint solutions. “We also see an…
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