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Chinese hackers breach 50 U.S. gov't contractors' systems in one year
Government, Government/Defense, Privacy & Compliance News and Analysis, Security News

Stratfor hacker Hammond held in contempt for refusing to answer grand jury questions

Just months before he was to be released from federal prison where he is serving time for hacking intelligence firm Statfor and releasing information to WikiLeaks , activist and hacker Jeremy Hammond, was found to be in contempt of court for failing to answer questions before a grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia…
Security News

Anonymous plan to “kill” Facebook may be fake

One of the more prominent members of the Anonymous hacking movement has shot down reports that the group is planning to take down Facebook on Nov. 5. "Sabu" tweeted Wednesday that the so-called OpFacebook is a hoax. His claim was backed up by AnonOps, considered the most reliable Anonymous news source on Twitter. It is possible splinter members are planning the attack, which is being launched over allegations that Facebook provides information about its users to government agencies and security firms, according to a YouTube video posted in mid-July. The Nov. 5 date is known as Guy Fawkes Day to commemorate the capture of the British revolutionary who plotted to blow up the House of Lords.
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