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SentinelOne SentinelOne 3.0

SentinelOne combines endpoint protection, detection and response in a single, autonomous agent for the three major operating systems. It was structured around an API-first approach to maximize integrations, which has yielded an impressive 300+ APIs, including Windows Defender ATP, SonicWall, Phantom, Netscope and others. This expansive integration makes adding SentinelOne to an existing toolset a…

Real Time Behavioral AI

Join Jeremiah Grossman, SentinelOne Advisor, and Gary Mello, SentinalOne Evangelist for a webcast about Real Time Behavioral AI and the SentinelOne Platform.
Product Review

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) is a Next-Gen antivirus solution with a wide selection of supported operating systems, including quite a bit of Linux support. While most Next-Gen solutions are moving to cloud-only management, leveraging both on-prem and cloud management is a nice option that will cover everyone’s needs. SentinelOne EPP has an easy to…
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