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CCleaner attackers gained access to app developer’s network via TeamViewer

The adversaries who infected 2.27 million machines last year using a modified version of the computer maintenance app CCleaner were able to pull off the supply chain attack by gaining unauthorized access to the developer’s network using the remote desktop access program TeamViewer. Ondrej Vlcek, EVP and GM of the consumer business unit at Avast Software, the…
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Major software vendor compromised with previously undocumented PortReuse backdoor

A thorough investigation into reputed Chinese APT actor Winnti Group turned up a previously undocumented backdoor that was used to compromise a popular Asian mobile hardware and software vendor — perhaps as a prelude to launching a major supply chain attack against its users. Dubbed PortReuse, the modular malware is a passive network implant that…
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Acalvio Technologies, Inc. ShadowPlex v5.2

Vendor: Acalvio Technologies, Inc. Price: $25,000 Contact: Quick Read   What it does: Acalvio ShadowPlex injects deception into enterprise networks and cloud workload environments, leveraging artificial intelligence to detect attacks that breach the security perimeter and mitigate them effectively. What we liked: We thought this was an innovative, autonomous deception product with sophisticated investigation capabilities…
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Acalvio Technologies ShadowPlex 3.3

Acalvio Technology’s ShadowPlex aims to detect advanced attackers with precision and speed. It addresses the limitations of hard-to-install, difficult-to-maintain solutions otherwise not suited for enterprise-scale environments and allows organizations to deploy enterprise-wide deception solutions for accurate, timely and cost-effective detection. The company includes a rich palette of deception including decoys, breadcrumbs, baits and lures that…
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2016 SC Awards U.S. Finalists

The highly anticipated SC Awards U.S. are just around the corner. Here's the full list of finalists competing to take home a trophy on the big night in San Francisco.
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