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Biden to invest in cyber workforce, but without plan to overcome lingering staffing hurdles

President-elect Joe Biden announced funding to modernize secure IT and lure cyber talent to the public sector as part of his plan to stimulate the economy and rebuild in the wake of the pandemic. But cybersecurity experts remain skeptical that the newfound funding focus on cybersecurity will be enough to draw the necessary talent. Noting…
Cybersecurity Collaborative

Cybersecurity Collaborative creates task force to mitigate third-party risk

Recent supply chain attacks prompted cybersecurity professionals, under the auspices of Cybersecurity Collaborative, to stand up a task force focused on minimizing third-party risk. The need for the Third-Party Risk Task Force, which kicked off this week, has been amplified by recent advanced persistent threat attacks that infiltrated corporate and government networks, due to security…

Protect against the next sunburst attack

Most SOC security products, including your legacy SIEM, were not designed to analyze the massive volumes of threat intelligence and security telemetry data available today. In response, a new generation of security analytics products has emerged to deliver threat detection and prioritization at scale, in real-time, and at a predictable cost. Join Anomali in this…