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It’s time to think more broadly about cloud workload security

There are at least as many ways to monitor and protect cloud workloads as there are types of cloud workloads that need protection. Since all security technologies have inherent advantages and drawbacks, organizations typically deploy a variety of cloud workload security solutions depending on their regulatory environment, desired security profile, and tolerance for risk. What’s…
Security News, Vulnerabilities

Patched Linux bugs nix Spectre mitigations

Spectre is a flaw in speculative execution in Intel, ARM and AMD processors that first came to light in 2018. The vulnerability could ultimately reveal the contents of memory.

Vulnerability Prioritization: Bridging the Gap Between Security and IT

Too many Security and IT teams know the challenge of establishing an efficient and effective remediation workflow. Mired by murky direction, unsupported priorities, and an insurmountable number of vulnerabilities to tackle, friction can develop between these teams that ultimately hinders security efficacy.  As companies transform their operations and secure their modern cloud workloads, this challenge…

Tarah Wheeler: bridging policy and tech

A policy community that often lacks technical experience needs people with cybersecurity backgrounds, as recent calls for assistance have shown. Tarah Wheeler is here to tell you, that transition is tough.
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