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Tracking the Symantec-Vontu rumors

Yes, we've heard the rumors today, and if Symantec does indeed pick up Vontu, it would be a notable (and very expensive) acquisition - but...
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More layoffs rumored at Symantec

Rumors began swirling today about potentially huge layoffs at security giant Symantec.

Silicon Valley gossip blog Valleywag reported a source as having seen a...
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Could PDF spam be on the way back?

Kelly Conley of Symantec Security Response blogged on Friday that her company has seen the percentage of PDF-attachment spam jump from zero percent at...


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A little YouTube holiday cheer

If for some reason you woke up today just craving some IT security-themed Christmas music, fear no more, as the folks at PGP and Symantec have...
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Gartner on Google and Postini

Google’s pick-up of Postini received mostly positive reviews from Gartner, as analysts Matthew W. Cain and Peter Firstbrook said the acquisition makes Gmail – already...
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RealPlayer flaw patched – so patch!

Real Networks on Friday made a patch available for the zero-day vulnerability in its popular RealPlayer. Symantec researchers, a couple of days earlier, had disclosed...
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How IT can win the security battle

Enterprise security is the classic “caught between a rock and a hard place” scenario. On one hand, the attacks are frequent and often quite effective. The losses mount quickly — $2.8 million annually for large enterprises.  Organizations face lost productivity, lost revenue, and a loss of customer trust.   On the other hand, providing enterprise security…
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