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Infosec 2018 review.
InfoSec Insider

DeMISTIfying Security: 2018 Year in Review

In the latest installment of InfoSec Insider’s DeMISTIfying Security series, security experts Ed Moyle and Raef Meeuwisse return to review the major breaches, developments, and takeaways that you can get from information security events in 2018.

RSA 2018

Trustjacking exploit abuses iTunes feature to spy on iOS devices

It has long been established that plugging one’s iPhone into an unknown computer or hardware device exposes that mobile phone to potentially malicious cyber activity. However, once the user disconnects, adversaries typically lose their conduit through which they can pull off direct attacks. But researchers presenting at RSA 2018 on Wednesday disclosed how attackers in…
Uber (1)

Mobile credential-stealer uses deep link to mimic Uber app

A credentials-stealing malware program disguised as an Android app was recently found spoofing an Uber user interface, and even leveraging a deep link uniform resource identifier from the actual ride-sharing app in order to appear legitimate. According to a Jan. 3 blog post from Symantec Corporation, the variant of Android.FakeApp malware periodically displays an Uber UI on infected users’ device…

Dragonfly APT group may be prepping to sabotage U.S. power facilities, report warns

An APT group fixated on infiltrating energy facilities in North America and Europe has turned up the juice lately on its operations, possibly signaling a shift from intelligence gathering to industrial sabotage, a new blog post warns. The report, from Symantec Corporation, comes two months after the FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reportedly warned utility companies of…
Mobile Security

500+ Android apps found containing program that can download spyware plug-in

More than 500 mobile apps on Google Play were recently discovered containing an advertising software development kit capable of downloading malicious plug-ins that can spy on Android users’ call histories, researchers from mobile security company Lookout have reported. Apps using the ad SDK, a product called Igexin, were downloaded over 100 million times by Android device owners before…

Analysis suggests WannaCry ransom note is native Chinese-speaker

As if attribution efforts surrounding the May 2017 WanaCrypt0r/WannaCry ransomware attack weren’t already convoluted… A new report asserts with high confidence that the author of the WannaCry ransom note probably speaks fluent Chinese, adding a new layer of intrigue to an investigation that has already turned up malware code linked to an alleged North Korean…
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