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Security News, Vulnerabilities

Talos discloses three vulnerabilities in Atlantis Word Processor

Cisco Talos disclosed three vulnerabilities in the Atlantis Word Processor (AWP). One, CVE-2018-4038, an exploitable arbitrary write vulnerability in open document format parser, could let attackers corrupt memory resulting in code execution. But the miscreants must first get a victim to “open a specially crafted document,” according to an alert. An exploitable uninitialized pointer vulnerability, CVE-2018-4040,…
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Security News, Vulnerabilities

Cisco Talos spotted 18 vulnerabilities in Foxit PDF Reader, 8 in Atlantis Word Processor

Cisco Talos researchers discovered multiple vulnerabilities in Atlantis Word Processor and Foxit PDF reader. Researchers disclosed eighteen vulnerabilities in Foxit PDF reader, many of which could result in an attacker carrying out arbitrary code execution, and eight vulnerabilities in Atlantis Word Processor, many of which could result in buffer overflow attacks. An exploitable out-of-bounds write vulnerability…

Cisco Talos NotPetya analysis: Attacker could launch again

A deep-level investigation by Cisco Talos on the NotPetya ransomware attack that kicked off one week ago reveals that the agent behind the attack infiltrated the malware host MeDoc six weeks prior to the attack and most likely retains the ability to launch a similar attack in the future. Cisco analysts, which worked with MeDoc…

Talos flags flaw in Cisco’s Smart Install clients

Cisco Talos issued a warning that attackers are using a publicly available tool to scan customer systems searching for Cisco Smart Install clients to leverage a known flaw to remove files or enable remote code execution.
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Security News

Cisco Talos ties Angler disappearance to Russian arrests

Researchers at Cisco Talos believe the disappearance of the Angler exploit kit (EK) from the threat landscape may be a long-term situation and that its absence is most likely tied to the take down of a Russian gang by law enforcement in early June.
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