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Product Review and Tenable Lumin and Tenable Lumin combine to measure and manage cyber risk across attack surfaces. Together, they translate data into actionable metrics that help analysts focus resources, prioritize risks and ultimately minimize risk impact. They also continuously assess converged attack surfaces to communicate what assets exist on an environment and where such assets are located. This…
Product Review was designed to provide unified visibility and vulnerability prioritization insight to organizations to protect their environment through the monitoring of their entire attack surface with a single solution. It uses unique data collection approaches to provide this continuous visibility across all assets, managed or unmanaged, and supports compliance management. This solution has been engineered…
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Tenable Nessus 3

Nessus is one of the granddaddies of vulnerability scanners. Today, Nessus is not only a powerful open source product in its own right, it is the basis for some of the most powerful commercial vulnerability scanners available. We reviewed Nessus in order to assess the current state of the product. What we found was that Nessus in its Linux incarnation is, largely, a powerful scan engine. It works most effectively in the company of other products, such as the Tenable Security Center.
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Zero day found in NUUO video software allowing camera takeover

Multiple vulnerabilities, including a zero-day, have been uncovered in NUUO NVRMini2 video software that, if exploited, could expose thousands of surveillance cameras to remote code execution, allowing the video feed to be viewed and altered by unauthorized people. The flaws, dubbed Peekaboo, were discovered by Tenable Research and potentially affect more than 100 brands and…
Product Review Vulnerability Management

Tenable’s Nessus tool has been a mainstay in the vulnerability space. I haven’t met a security professional who hasn’t used Nessus at some point in their career.
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Nessus has become the basis for several appliances
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The way I see these products is that we are really looking at two products. The first is Nessus and Passive Vulnerability Scanner, and the second is Security Center.
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Slack patches flaw that could allow attackers to hijack downloaded documents

The developers of the work collaboration app Slack have issued a security update for its desktop client following the discovery of a medium-severity download hijack vulnerability that could let attackers modify the location where downloaded files are stored. Malicious actors could exploit the flaw to steal and spy on users’ documents by uploading them to…
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Tenable Network Security Passive Vulnerability Scanner

The Tenable Passive Vulnerability Scanner (PVS) is a most interesting product. It is truly passive in that it does not perform active scans of any kind. It is, simply, a very smart sniffer. The product depends for its usefulness on the way that it collects and reports vulnerability data. Since the PVS is always listening, it constantly collects information from the normal data flows on the network. This is superior to active scanners in two important ways.
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