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Coronavirus, Email Security, Phishing, Security News

U.S. universities at risk of back-to-school and Covid-19 email fraud

The top 20 universities based in the U.S. are failing to implement proper DMARC protections and policies, opening the door for fraudsters to spoof their email domains and convincingly impersonate them at a time when students are likely expecting to receive a wealth digital communications related to back-to-school instructions, researchers warn. In particular, students and…
Network Security, Research, Security News, Security Training, Certification, User Awareness

To reduce security errors, employers must relieve stress and fatigue

Working professionals are blaming stress, time pressure, fatigue and distractions for lapses in safe cyber practices – and current conditions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic may only be exacerbating the problem. According to a newly published research report from Tessian, a survey of 2,000 working professionals in the U.S. and UK found that 43 percent…
APTs/cyberespionage, Government, Government/Defense, Phishing, Security News

Trade minister hack led to trade secrets leak before U.K. election

The hack of a U.K. trade minister’s email account – the result of a spear phishing campaign likely engineered by Russian operatives –  led to the leak of U.S.-U.K. trade documents and perpetuated a disinformation campaign credited with influencing the 2019 U.K. election. Hackers were able to successfully access the email of Trade Minister Liam…
Data Breach, Privacy & Compliance News and Analysis, Security News

British airline easyJet breached, data of 9 million customers compromised

An attack against British airline easyJet by “a highly sophisticated source” accessed the email addresses and travel details of approximately nine million customers, including credit card details of 2,208 customers. The company did not reveal when it learned of the attack or what a forensic investigation revealed, nor did it specify the breach date.  Although the…
Cybercrime, Security News

London Blue cybergang compiled list of 50,000 execs for BEC phishing attacks

A U.K./Nigerian cybergang with U.S.-based co-conspirators has obtained a list of more than 50,000 corporate officials to be targeted in future Business Email Compromise (BEC) phishing campaigns. The list was generated during a five-month period in early 2018 and of the list, 71 percent were CFOs, two percent were executive assistants and the remainder were…
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