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Product Review

SafeSign Authentication Server

While a lot of the other products tested cover secure authentication to your existing servers or network, Thales’s SafeSign Authentication Server is a bit different. It’s designed to add security and authentication to transactional-based applications, particularly financial ones, so it’s of particular interest to those developing e-commerce applications. Building SafeSign into an existing application requires…
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Healthcare Industry to Bolster Security Budgets, Study Says

By Marcos Colón

February 23, 2017

The increasing threat of ransomware and impact millions of patient records lost to date have finally triggered some action from healthcare firms, according to a recent study.


Trust the phone or the cloud?

Thales e-Security created this infographic that compares the two potential models for mobile payment security: the secure element model in mobile devices and the cloud-oriented approach.
Product Review

Thales SafeSign

SafeSign is the offering from Thales and is a server that can be installed onto several different operating systems, including Windows, Solaris, Linux and HP-UX.
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Forty percent using compensating controls to meet PCI

Forty-one percent of merchants are relying on compensating controls to meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements, according to a survey released Monday by the Ponemon Institute and commissioned by encryption firm Thales. The survey, which polled 155 qualified security security assessors, who are charged with confirming a company's adherence to PCI. Compensating controls "may be considered for most PCI DSS requirements when an entity cannot meet a requirement explicitly as stated, due to legitimate technical or documented business constraints," according to the PCI Security Standards Council. — DK
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