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SC exclusive: New secured phishing site goes up every two minutes

Threat actors are playing by the rules, or at least tricking your browser into thinking they are, in order to deliver more effective attacks. Wandera researchers noticed an increase in threat actors leveraging HTTPS and SSL certificates to “secure” their phishing sites leading to 60 percent of their monitored malicious traffic being encrypted using HTTPS.…
Troy Hunt, software architect; Microsoft MVP
Data Breach

Data breach site adds 80M new records, updates ‘Pwned Passwords’ service

Data breach aficionado Troy Hunt has significantly updated his “Have I Been Pwned?” website in recent days, adding a data set of 2,844 breach incidents involving 80 million stolen records, and introducing version two of his Pwned Passwords service. The new data set comes from an online hacking forum that was apparently discovered by the…
Data Breach

‘Combo list’ database of previously breached accounts contains over 560M credentials

An unknown individual has compiled a huge online data set comprised of approximately 560 million emails and their corresponding credentials, over 243 million of which are unique, according to Kromtech Security Research Center. Most or perhaps all of the credentials have been leaked before, only now they have been gathered into a massive combo list, Kromtech reported…
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