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Trump’s mobile phone security questioned

While Barack Obama's Blackberry use was restricted during his presidency and former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was pilloried for using her private smart device for work purposes, President Trump still wields at least two two devices issued to him by the government.
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Russia, China listening in on Trump’s private mobile phone conversations, report

Russia and China are listening in on President Trump’s relativity unsecured private iPhone conversations in an attempt to leverage influence on U.S. policy, the intelligence community reportedly has discovered.   After making Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server a centerpiece of his campaign and despite repeated warnings about using unsecured personal smartphones, Trump…
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Feds may have listened in on candidate Trump via “backdoor searches”

The phone lines of Donald Trump might have been put under surveillance through use of a workaround in the legal process, according to The Hill. Now-President Trump claimed in a series of Twitter messages that in the run up to November’s presidential election his phones at his New York offices in Trump Tower were tapped…
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Diplomats used WhatsApp, personal phones to discuss Ukraine policy

Nearly a decade after Hillary Clinton began using personal devices and a private email server while Secretary of State – a practice that sparked a heated debate and congressional investigations during the 2016 presidential election cycle – an early impeachment probe into President Trump revealed that diplomats in the administration used WhatsApp and their personal…
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