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Twitter hackers lured employees to give up VPN credentials

The attackers that hacked Twitter in July pretended to call from Twitter’s IT department about a VPN issue, then persuaded employees to enter their credentials into a website that looked identical to the real VPN login site. The claims by the hackers were credible – and successful – because Twitter’s employees were all using VPN…
Security News

Twitter to launch crowdsourced misinformation service ‘Birdwatch’

Twitter’s planned misinformation-busting feature, known as “Birdwatch,” appears to be a crowdsourced way to tag tweets as misleading, include notes explaining rationale, and flag for moderation.  Little is known about the feature, which Twitter confirmed, and TechCrunch was first to report. A moderation feature of some kind first came to light over the summer, when reverse…
Security News, Vulnerabilities

Twitter bug may have exposed API keys, access tokens

Twitter warned developers that a bug could have exposed their API keys and access tokens in their browser’s cache. The social media platform told developers it doesn’t believe the apps and tokens have been compromised and that the problem had been fixed. “Prior to the fix, if you used a public or shared computer to…

The Twitter hack exposed the need for more effective PAM security

The 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations report found that 80 percent of breaches are caused by compromised or weak credentials. This makes privileged access management (PAM) strategies a must have. Not effectively managing and monitoring privileged accounts means the difference between keeping an organization secure and a catastrophic breach – like the one at Twitter,…
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Feds arrest teen Twitter hack leader, accomplices

The ringleader of the Twitter breach that used prominent accounts to run a cryptocurrency scam turns out to be a 17-year-old in Tampa arrested earlier today. Two accomplices, Nima Fazeli, 22, of Orlando and Mason Sheppard, 19, in the U.K., known as Rolex and Chaewon, respectively, were also arrested in the scheme that took over…
Data Breach, Phishing, Privacy & Compliance, Security News

Twitter hackers duped employees with phone spear phishing scam

Hackers who briefly commandeered high-profile Twitter accounts to perpetuate a cryptocurrency scam used a phone spear phishing attack to get into to the social media platform’s internal network as well as to “specific employee credentials” to access internal support tools. Not all of the small group of “employees that were initially targeted had permissions to…
Government, Phishing, Privacy & Compliance, Security News

Twitter hackers accessed direct messages for 36 accounts

The hackers who ran a cryptocurrency scam using high-profile, verified Twitter accounts, including those belonging to Joe Biden, Apple, Bill Gates, Uber and Barack Obama, accessed the direct messages (DMs) of 36 accounts and downloaded account data from eight accounts via “Your Twitter Data.” There is no indication that the DMs of any former or…
Access Control, Cryptocurrency, Cybercrime, Insider Threats, Network Security, Security News, Web Services Security, E-Commerce Security

Twitter hack is a reminder of the dangers of unfettered employee access

Twitter’s acknowledgement that a “coordinated social engineering campaign” involving multiple employees was behind a hack of prominent verified accounts raises significant questions as to whether business organizations are implementing effective security controls that limit potential insider threats’ access to back-end administrative tools. The hacking incident — which promoted a cryptocurrency scam and victimized the accounts…
Security News

Biden’s, Apple’s Twitter hacked in cryptocurrency scam

Verified Twitter accounts belonging to high-profile individuals and companies like Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Apple and Elon Musk promised followers a large pay out if they’d just send bitcoin to a block chain address — ostensibly to donate to Covid-19 community aid — after the social media platform was breached. “I am giving back to…
Data Breach, Privacy & Compliance, Security News

Twitter ‘incident’ leaves billing info stored in browser cache

A “data security incident” at Twitter caused billing information for companies using the social media company’s advertising and analytics platform to be stored in the browser’s cache. While Twitter doesn’t believe the information – including the last four digits off credit card numbers, email addresses and phone numbers – has been compromised it can’t rule…
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