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House pulls vote on FISA bill

The House late Wednesday nixed a planned vote on the FISA bill passed earlier this month by the Senate and which would authorize three surveillance initiatives in the USA Freedom Act. “We just formally announced a whip against it because, number one, it’s not going to become law,” Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., told reporters. “Number…
Govt surveillance NSA
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Senate passes bipartisan amendment to protect surveillance targets, delays FISA reauthorization

The Senate Wednesday passed an amendment to the USA FREEDOM Reauthorization Act that would put a check on government surveillance activities by expanding the role of independent “friend of the court” to include FBI surveillance asks in all cases before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. “This is a critical victory towards reforming our broken intelligence surveillance system,”…
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Bipartisan bill re-ups USA Freedom reauthorizations, aims at surveillance reform

The House Tuesday introduced bipartisan legislation that lawmakers touted as reforming the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court (FISC) based on recent recommendations from the Justice Department inspector general (IG) and ends the government’s controversial domestic surveillance program, but which detractors say doesn’t represent reform at all. The bill, USA Freedom Reauthorization Act, bumps up congressional oversight…
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USA Freedom Act reauthorizations in doubt after Paul says Trump supports FISA reform

Less than two weeks before three provisions of the USA Freedom Act of 2015 are set to expire, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said President Trump is behind his efforts to introduce FISA reforms, throwing reauthorization of the provisions into doubt.  Earlier in the week, Attorney General William Barr met with GOP senators to urge reauthorization.…
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Microsoft: FISA orders seeking content up, global law enforcement requests for data down

On Thursday, Microsoft released its latest batch of semi-annual transparency reports, which revealed that global law enforcement legal requests for Microsoft user data decreased by more than 17 percent from 2015 to 2016, while U.S. FISA orders seeking content from the tech company jumped significantly in the first six months of 2016.

Whatever happened to Apple versus FBI?

SC Media throws it back to February 2016 when Apple and the FBI squared off for a contest that never happened. The immediate issue was temporarily resolved, but the controversy never died. Teri Robinson reports.
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