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Product Review

Venafi Encryption Director v5

Encryption Director from Venafi focuses on ensuring that encryption technologies used throughout the enterprise meet compliance needs.
Product Review

Encryption: Venafi

Venafi’s Encryption Director manages everyone’s encryption products in a single enterprise.
Security News

Looming retirement of legacy system custodians put global IT systems at risk

Government IT systems and critical infrastructure systems around the world are at risk due to legacy technology and the pending retirement of those who have historically maintained these older systems. Of the U.S. General Services Administration’s mission-critical IT staff, 20-50 percent will be eligible to retire by 2024 and 66 percent of U.K. companies have…
InfoSec Insider

How to Get Started with Secrets Management

The only thing worse than having a huge problem is having a huge problem and not realizing it. Believe it or not, many organizations are in the latter boat right now. Specifically, many organizations are undergoing a proliferation of secrets at a scale and scope that eclipses the ability of mechanisms and controls they may have in place to keep them protected.

Cloud Security, Data Breach, Security News

Oklahoma Dept. of Securities server exposes millions of files

An unsecured storage server belonging to the Oklahoma Department of Securities exposed millions of files, containing personal data, systems credentials and internal commission documents as well as communications meant for the Oklahoma Securities Commission. The server, discovered by the UpGuard Data Breach Research team, has since been secured, the researchers said in a blog post.…
Data Breach, Security News

Marriott breach exposes more than just customer info

Marriott’s massive data breach exposed more than just 500 million customer records, it is also shining a light on the role cybersecurity needs to play when a firm is in acquisition mode, along with the damage that even one slip up by an employee can have on the entire company. Marriott has not disclosed exactly…
Government, Government/Defense, Network Security, Research, Security News

IT pros dubious of government officials’ cyber knowledge

A newly released survey of 515 IT security professionals is giving government officials a no-confidence vote in terms of their ability to understand digital threats, practice cyber hygiene and legislate encryption policies. Conducted during last August’s 2018 Black Hat cybersecurity conference by researchers at Venafi, the survey found that 63 percent of respondents believe government…
Encryption/Data Security, Government, Government/Defense, IoT, Network Security, Security News

Pair of surveys underscore importance of secure PKI in government, IoT

Both the federal government and Internet of Things manufacturers are facing key challenges and opportunities in regards to implementing secure Public Key Infrastructure practices for digital certificate management and encryption, according to a pair of newly published research reports. The first report, from machine identity protection company Venafi, reveals data compiled from a survey of 100 federal…
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