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Encryption: Venafi

Venafi’s Encryption Director manages everyone’s encryption products in a single enterprise.
Coronavirus, Security News

California under counted COVID-19 cases after certificate expired

Expired certificates likely contributed to one of two data glitches that had California undercounting new COVID-19 cases for more than a week – leading, some believe, to the resignation of the state’s public health director. “Certificates act as identities for all kinds of machines; they control the flow of sensitive data. When certificates expire applications,…
APTs/cyberespionage, Cybercrime, Government, Government/Defense, Security News, Vulnerabilities

‘Sandworm Team’ hackers from Russia are exploiting Exim, warns NSA

The U.S. National Security Agency on Thursday issued an advisory alleging that hackers from Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) have been actively exploiting a remote code execution vulnerability in Exim Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) software, found in Unix-based systems. Researchers and analysts reacting to the agency’s warning say the announcement is an important reminder that…
Corporate News, Security News

Cybersecurity executive changes

March 16 , 2020(ISC)² has initiated a search to replace the organization’s current CEO David Shearer who will be stepping down from his role at the end of 2020. Shearer led (ISC)² since 2015 and under his leadeship, the association grew to 153,000 certified members and associates in 175 countries. The search for a replacement…
Malware, Security News, Web Services Security, E-Commerce Security, Website/Web Server Security

Don’t install that security certificate; it’s a malware scam

Cybercriminals have been compromising websites to display a fake security certificate error message in hopes of tricking visitors into downloading the Mokes backdoor or the Buerak downloader. Researchers from Kaspersky who discovered the scam said in a blog post that the ruse is a new twist on the old technique of hacking a website so…
Privacy & Compliance, Security News

Facebook Tor gateway down while TLS certificate renewed

Facebook’s Tor gateway will be out of commission for a week or two after a TLS certificate expired. “Our onion service, facebookcorewwwi.onion, is temporarily unavailable while we await renewal of our TLS certificate. In the meantime, Facebook is still accessible via using Tor Browser,” the company posted on the Facebook Over Tor page. The social media…
Phishing, Security News

UN, NGOs targeted by ongoing phishing attack

The United Nations and other non-government organizations have been undergoing spear phishing attacks since at least March of this year with the goal of obtaining staffers’ login credentials. The attackers are using compromised Office 365 credentials garnered through phishing attacks to enter the NGOs’ systems, enabling them to install phishing websites that mimic each organization’s…
Corporate News, Security News

Venture capital investments

June 10, 2019 Vectra closed a $100 million round of funding led by TCV and existing investors. Vectra said it will use the investment to accelerate global market expansion and R&D innovation. November 29, 2018Venafi closed a $100 million round of financing that was led by TCV along with investment from QuestMark Partners and NextEquity…
Winnti trojan may help set stage for Skeleton Key attacks, analysts say
Security News, Vulnerabilities

Google to replace Titan security keys due to a misconfiguration

Google is replacing its Titan Security Bluetooth keys due to a vulnerability which could allow attackers within range unauthorized access to use someone else’s key. The issue specifically affects Titans Security Keys’ BLE version that can be identified by either a T1 or T2 stamped on the back of the key. A misconfiguration in the…
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