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Historic hacking group members dish on Julian Assange, Beto O’Rourke

The Black Hat conference in Las Vegas reunited three important figures in the history of famed 35-year-old hacking group Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc), including one member who made his first-ever appearance under his actual name. But the real name-dropping began when the group members shared their thoughts on another former member, Democratic presidential…
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Intel, industry scramble to mitigate ZombieLoad side-channel processor vulnerability

Four new CVEs that combine to create a vulnerability called ZombieLoad affecting Intel processors were made public today, which if left unpatched could leave a computer open to a side-channel attack allowing someone to bypass protections to read memory. The flaws, CVE-2018-12126, CVE-2018-12127, CVE-2018-12130, CVE-2019-11091, impacted a number of companies with Apple, Google, Microsoft and…
Coding for app security.
InfoSec Insider

Common Application Vulnerabilities You Should Know About

While patching vulnerabilities seems like a “low-hanging fruit” task for many security practitioners, it seems as though many still fail to do so. In this interview with application security expert Chris Eng, he highlights the common blind spots associated with vulnerability management.

Hacked elections impact.
InfoSec Insider

How Hacked Elections Impacted the Security Industry

CA Veracode’s Chris Wysopal discusses how the 2016 presidential election hack broadened the horizon on how security warriors think about defending their data and offers up advice on what they should consider when it comes to protecting sensitive information.

What is DevOps
InfoSec Insider

What It Means To Do DevOps

One expert discusses the growing importance of DevOps within the enterprise, the initial steps organizations should be taking to implement a DevOps approach, and how to get buy-in from key stakeholders.

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