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Lazarus code used in WannaCry, but North Korea link not in evidence

Symantec bolstered the amount of evidence it has gathered that ties the code and tools used by the cybergang known as Lazarus to the WannaCry/WanaCrypt0r ransomware attacks, but it is distancing itself from the idea the attack was backed by any one nation. The conclusion being drawn by Symantec is that despite the Lazarus group’s…

Fake WannaCry sent via phishing emails

Cybercriminals are once again looking to extort victims by piggybacking off the success of WannaCry with their own scareware demanding bitcoin based on fear rather than an actual ransomware attack.

Cryptocurrency miner Adylkuzz attack could be bigger than WannaCry

The attackers behind WanaCrypt0r/WannaCry were not the only cybercriminals putting DoublePulsar and EternalBlue to use this weekend, as Proofpoint spotted the stolen NSA tools being used with the cryptocurrency miner Adylkuzz. The Adylkuzz attack may not only have been larger than WannaCry, but could have been one of the mitigating factors that helped shut down…
DefCon: You cannot 'cyberhijack' an airplane, but you can still create mischief

Boeing hit and recovering from possible WannaCry attack

Aerospace manufacturer Boeing is reporting that the company has mitigated what may have been a small outbreak of WannaCry ransomware that hit one of its manufacturing facilities on March 28. The ransomware apparently struck several computers in the company’s North Charleston, S.C. facility that are associated with the company’s production of 777 airliners. A Boeing…
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WannaCry: New Twist on an Old Bug

Since the morning of Friday, May 12, 2017, ransomware known as “WannaCry” has lived up to its name, wreaking havoc across the globe in industries ranging from hospitals to telecommunications and distribution/supply chain services around the world. The speed and scale at which WannaCry spread sent both companies and security research teams scrambling to put…

WannaCry hits 12 Connecticut state agencies

About one dozen Connecticut government agencies were hit late last week with what one published report said was a WannaCry ransomworm attack that has knocked about 160 computers offline. is reporting that the attack began late Friday afternoon and eventually impacted 12 separate agencies. NECN learned the attack involved WannaCry when it became privy…

UIWIX ransomware is not a WannaCry wannabe

Trend Micro researchers are taking a stand against the published reports stating UIWIX ransomware is the new WannaCry when, in fact, the only thing it has in common with Wanacrypt0r is its threat vector.


Today's virtual conference on ransomware looks at how WannaCry was able to infect so many so quickly and why we are still not safe from this attack and its offspring.
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