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Conficker worm

What is it?Conficker (a.k.a. Downadup) is a virulent worm best known for infecting Windows XP and Vista desktop PCs, but it is also attacking production corporate servers, including virtual machines in the virtualized data center. How does it work?Once a single server is infected, Conficker can wreak havoc by using that machine as a launch…
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Can You Trust Microsoft?

This year has seen Microsoft out and about wearing its shiny new security cap, proud of internal and external initiatives which it promises will bring about Bill Gates' defined goal of 'trustworthy computing.'

Airports – a threat to mobile security

We all love the convenience of Wi-Fi to stay connected anywhere our laptops take us. In fact, you may be reading this article on your wireless-enabled laptop now. But just as the availability of Wi-Fi services proliferate, so does the number of hackers ready to take advantage of unsuspecting road warriors. Now, in addition to long check-in and security lines, the uninformed have one more thing be anxious about at the airport - identity thieves.
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The codebreaker menace

It’s an axiom of software development that every program will contain between five and 50 bugs per 1,000 lines of code. And five is reckoned to be only the most optimistic result; the reality is much closer to 50.
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One byte by land, two if by sea

Army National Guard troops historically have a wide range of duties ranging from helping communities recover from natural disasters to combat operations overseas, but for the first time one Guard unit is helping secure election sites from cyberattacks.
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