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Security teams struggle with ransomware, cloud services

Ransomware, insecure internet-facing systems and attacks against cloud-based services are among the top threats facing industry this year, according to new and recent threat intelligence reporting.  The Q2 threat report released today by Rapid7 and detailing the latest tools and tactics used in cyber campaigns targeting the private sector, pegged the manufacturing sector as the…
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Tesla RAT adapts, evolves to thwart security

It may be unsophisticated but the Agent Tesla RAT is “street-wise,” adapting and evolving just enough to wreak havoc on organizations’ security efforts. Recent improvements to the malware include more robust spreading and injection methods, as well as discovery and theft of wireless network details and credentials, according to an analysis by SentinelOne. Expanding its…
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CallStranger bug in billions of devices can enable data exfiltration, DoS attacks

Billions of Internet of Things and Local Area Network devices that rely on the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocol for discovery of and interaction with other devices are vulnerable to “CallStranger,” a bug that can be exploited to exfiltrate data, launch a denial of service attack or scan ports. The Windows 10 operating system,…
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Microsoft fixes exploited privilege elevation flaw, 34 more bugs

For its final Patch Tuesday release of the year, Microsoft Corporation issued a series of security updates that fixed a total of 35 vulnerabilities, seven of which were deemed critical and one of which was found to be actively exploited. The most severe flaws consist of remote code execution vulnerabilities in Git for Visual Studio…
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Buran ransomware detailed, found to be based on VegaLocker

As any good marketer knows announcing a new product with an effective ad campaign is always a great way to drum up interest. Which is exactly what the actors behind Buran ransomware did when they rolled it out on a well-known dark web forum as a ransomware as a service (RaaS) offering earlier this year,…
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BlueKeep-like RCE flaws in RDP among 93 vulnerabilities patched by Microsoft

Microsoft patched 93 vulnerabilities, including two BlueKeep-like remote code execution (RCE) flaws. The two flaws, CVE-2019-1181 and CVE-2019-1182, in Remote Desktop Services, are “wormable,” Simon Pope, director of incident response at the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC), wrote in a blog post, “meaning that any future malware that exploits these could propagate from vulnerable computer to vulnerable computer without…
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NSA urges admins to patch BlueKeep vulnerability

The National Security Agency (NSA) has added its weight to Microsoft’s by heavily recommending that Windows administrators update their systems to protect against the CVE-2019-0708 “BlueKeep” vulnerability. Microsoft issued a patch for CVE-2019-0708 in May, but it’s estimated there are almost one million devices that have not been issued the update and remain vulnerable. The…
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Despite patch, nearly 1M devices still vulnerable to ‘BlueKeep’ RCE flaw

Almost 1 million internet-connected devices remain vulnerable to the critical “BlueKeep” remote code execution bug that was recently found in Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services, despite security fixes that were issued as part of May’s Patch Tuesday earlier this month. Officially designated CVE-2019-0708, the BlueKeep vulnerability could potentially allow unauthenticated attackers to install programs, view or…
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EternalBlue believed to be behind crippling Baltimore attack

Baltimore has battled the effects of a ransomware attack that started May 7 and now it seems that a familiar culprit, the National Security Agency (NSA) EternalBlue tool, known to exploit some versions of Microsoft Windows XP and Vista, is behind the city’s misery, which has included a shutdown of many vital systems and services.…
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Computer running 6 historically dangerous malware programs up for auction as performance art

A laptop running six historically infamous malware programs that collectively caused billions in damages is currently up for auction online, reportedly as part of a performance art installation. And as of Thursday afternoon, the bidding had climbed to over $615,000. Called “The Persistence of Chaos,” this highly virulent work of art is currently located somewhere…
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