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WinMagic SecureDoc Enterprise 4.5

WinMagic SecureDoc Enteprise Edition 4.5 is a client server architec­ture that provides software-based full disk encryption to host client machines
Product Review

Ceelox Vault 2.1

Ceelox Vault 2.1 is a client software product that uses software-based encryption to create encrypted "vault" folders on the hard drive.
Product Review

PGP Whole Disk Encryption 9.9

PGP Whole Disk Encryp­tion is a client software application that provides whole disk encryption as part of PGP's suite of encryption prod­ucts.
Product Review

SafeNet ProtectDrive 8.4

SafeNet ProtectDrive 8.4 is a software-based encryp­tion solution that uses a client-server-based architecture for full disk encryption.
Product Review

Secuware Security Framework 4.0

Secuware Security Frame­work 4.0 is a directory ser­vice integrated product that contains a server and client soft­ware app used to manage whole disk or file/folder encryption poli­cies.
Product Review

Encryption Plus Hard Disk

Encryption Plus Hard Disk encrypts entire hard disks or selected partitions. Encryption of the OS files is optional. It also offers pre-boot authentication whether or not the operating system files are encrypted.

Product Review

Applied Security fideAS

Applied Security fideAS is a client server-based architecture that provides software-based encryption for files, folders and peripheral devices on host machines.
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