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ACL for Windows

The software we received for this test was a pre-release of version 8, but initial observations tell us that any tweaks before the final version will probably be very minor ones.

Product Review

Windows Forensics and Incident Recovery

Every attack on a computer system leaves a trace behind, no matter what an attacker might to to cover their steps. Also, data can be hidden by an attacker to use later as a back door. Forensics in part looks at uncovering evidence of this activity.

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The promise of Windows 8

When the latest version of the most popular operating system (OS) in the world is released in October, researchers in search of vulnerabilities will flock to the shiny, new platform.
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Wireless woes for Windows

Laptop users with Microsoft Windows OSs have been warned that their laptops may be broadcasting the SSIDs of ad-hoc networks without user knowledge.
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Video: Security and Windows 8

Coverity's Chris Valasek sits with SC Magazine's executive editor, Dan Kaplan, to discuss the upcoming release of Windows 8 and the new security features implemented.
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New Windows zero-day

Microsoft on Thursday issued a security advisory for a new vulnerability in DirectX, used on Windows to enable graphics and sound, that could enable a remote hacker to execute arbitrary code if users open specially crafted QuickTime files. Microsoft said that it was aware of active attacks using exploit code for the vulnerability. Windows 2000 (SP4), Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 are vulnerable; all versions of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 are not. — CAM
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Window Snyder leaves Mozilla

Window Snyder, security chief at Mozilla, has resigned. Snyder, who led projects to safeguard the Firefox browser, has not revealed her next move. She joined Mozilla in September 2006 after working as a security strategist at Microsoft, where she was focused on the Windows platform.
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