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Cybercrime, Gaming, Malware, Security News

Skip-2.0 backdoor malware provides ‘magic password’ to access MSSQL accounts

Researchers today revealed their discovery of what they believe to be the first publicly documented case of a backdoor targeting Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) databases – attributing the malware to the threat actor Winnti Group. Dubbed “skip-2.0,” the malware is installed in memory and provides attackers with a “magic password” that allows them to connect…
Malware, Security News

Linux variant of Winnti malware spotted in wild

Google’s Chronicle Security team discovered a Linux version of the Winnti malware was used in the 2015 hack of a Vietnamese gaming company. The malware has proved to be a popular tool used by Beijing hackers over the last decade and has been used against various targets for varied motivations, including a German pharmaceutical company…
APTs/cyberespionage, Cybercrime, Gaming, Malware, Security News

Major software vendor compromised with previously undocumented PortReuse backdoor

A thorough investigation into reputed Chinese APT actor Winnti Group turned up a previously undocumented backdoor that was used to compromise a popular Asian mobile hardware and software vendor — perhaps as a prelude to launching a major supply chain attack against its users. Dubbed PortReuse, the modular malware is a passive network implant that…
Malware, Security News

Pharma firm Bayer hit with WINNTI malware

The German drug manufacturer Bayer reported it was hit with a cyberattack launched from China that used WINNTI malware that resided on its network for at least one year. The company told Reuters it found the malware in its system in early 2018 and then studied and analyzed until last month when it was removed.…
APTs/cyberespionage, Gaming, Malware, Security News

Modular backdoor sneaked into video game developers’ servers

A suspected Chinese APT group used a newly discovered modular backdoor to infect at least one video game developer’s build orchestration server and at least one other company’s game servers, researchers have reported. Although these attacks appear to have taken place prior to March, such incidents are now more important than ever to detect and…
Malware, Security News

Undetectable HiddenWasp Linux malware linked to Winnti Umbrella

A sophisticated malware campaign dubbed “HiddenWasp” is targeting Linux systems with the goal of targeted remote control. Some researchers have linked the malware to the Winnti Umbrella cluster of advisaries but attribution is uncertain at the moment. Unlike other Linux malware, HiddenWasp’s goal isn’t to mine cryptocurrency or launch DDoS activity but instead in targeted…
Cybercrime, Security News

TeamViewer reportedly hit by Chinese hackers in 2016

TeamViewer announced it was the victim of a cyber attack which took place in 2016 although some sources claim that hackers were in the firm’s network as early as 2014. The data breach was reportedly the result of threat actors exploiting the recently patched Winnti backdoor trojan, a malware first seen used by a group…
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New and old Windows vulnerabilities top Alienvault list

Adobe’s Flash Player may gain a lot of negative headlines, but when it comes to the most frequented targeted software Microsoft Office and Windows beat out the much maligned Adobe software. A new report from Alienvault, the first in a series of three, based on numbers from the company’s Open Threat Exchange (OTX) platform found…
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