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Researchers see a boom in Zoom domains, stolen accounts

The surging popularity of Zoom video conferencing during the COVID-19 epidemic is compelling internet registrars to make available scores of Zoom-related domains, some of which are being scooped up by malicious actors, researchers from ZeroFox and its Alpha Team reported today. According to a company blog post, Alpha Team members know of roughly 5,343 Zoom-related…
The report shines a light on the Syrian Electronic Army, including its attacks, tactics and members.
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‘Shiny Hunters’ bursts onto dark web scene following breaches, Microsoft data theft claims

A malicious actor known as Shiny Hunters has emerged as a serious dark web player following a spate of high-profile breaches, and now the hacker or hackers is claiming to have stolen data from Microsoft’s private GitHub repositories and is threatening to release the code for free. According to researchers from ZeroFOX Alpha Team, Shiny…

Global COVID-19 apps found suffering from flaws, malicious copycats

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, so does the use of risky mobile applications designed to help track the outbreak. Some of these apps already present troubling privacy implications due to their ability to track the movements of local citizens and collect information on them. But beyond that, they may also be saddled…
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Scammers are swarming around popular Fortnite game, researchers warn

Wherever gamers go, scammers will follow — and that especially goes for the immensely popular survival and battle royale game Fortnite. Indeed, researchers at social media and digital protection company ZeroFOX reported yesterday that they generated 53,000 alerts related to Fortnite scams in one month alone, from early September to early October. Many of these scams falsely…
Scammers exploit interest in NBA finals to spread Facebook spam
Cybercrime, Security News

Hacker hijacks Milwaukee Bucks star’s Twitter account, posts offensive trash talk

A malicious hacker reportedly hijacked the Twitter account of NBA star forward Giannis Antetokounmpo and riddled it with disparaging and offensive fake tweets about current and former players. The fake tweets used expletives and a racial slur, and even targeted L.A. Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, who tragically died in a helicopter crash earlier this year.…
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Restaurant Depot customers targets of phishing emails

Customers of commercial food service wholesaler Restaurant Depot received phishing emails asking for payment of an (attached) outstanding invoice or else the company would deduct the balance from their accounts. Some of those recipients began tweeting to the company’s customer service department with one noting that he “finally got through to tell them. They’re aware.…
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