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Exploit kits, Slammer worm top April’s most wanted malware list, Check Point

Enterprises are increasingly being hit with exploit kits, especially Rig EK, and the Slammer worm has resurfaced, according to Check Point’s latest monthly Global Threat Impact Index. After a lull, Slammer has wormed its way back into Check Point’s list of the top three malware families, affecting four percent of businesses. The worm– which exploits…
HackingTeam tool makes use of mobile malware targeting all major platforms

Ad malware removed from Google Play

Three applications on Google Play combine three deception techniques to disguise their actions while running in the background, Symantec researchers reported.

Malware up 5% last month, Check Point

The preponderance of active malware families as well as the number of attacks increased by five percent in October, according to the Global Threat Index, a monthly ranking from Check Point.
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