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HackingTeam tool makes use of mobile malware targeting all major platforms

Ad malware removed from Google Play

Three applications on Google Play combine three deception techniques to disguise their actions while running in the background, Symantec researchers reported.

AirDroid updated to patch MITM exposure

Following news last week of a vulnerability in the Android app AirDroid, the company announced on Friday it completed the staged rollout of AirDroid (Mobile; Mac/Win ) to patch the bug.
Android Hack mobile security
Mobile Security

50M AirDroid users open to MITM attack, report

Owing to insecure communication channels, the Android app AirDroid may put its 50M users at risk of man-in-the-middle attack, data exposure and loss of control to remote attackers, says a new report.

Malware up 5% last month, Check Point

The preponderance of active malware families as well as the number of attacks increased by five percent in October, according to the Global Threat Index, a monthly ranking from Check Point.
Driven by mobile: The challenge of protecting mobile devices
Security News

Android phones dialing home, to China

Firmware on some Android phones has been detected collecting user data and transmitting it to third-party servers in China, according to mobile security firm Kryptowire.
Apple issues seven updates, fixes more than 40 vulnerabilities in iOS 8, OS 10.9.5
Security News

Apple offers bug bounty program

Apple is offering up to $200,000 to researchers reporting critical security vulnerabilities in Apple software, including its underlying operating system.
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