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Editorial Honeypot

Paypal wins Area 1’s March Hackness 2017 tournament

The 2017 NCAA basketball tourney has already had its share of upsets helping winnow the field down to the Elite 8 this weekend, but in another, albeit not quite so well-known competition, an unexpected winner emerged as PayPal unseated Apple as reigning champion in Area 1’s Second Annual March Hackness 2017 tournament. Since March Hackness…
Editorial Honeypot

10 reasons why cybercriminals target smartphones

The researchers at ESET put together a 10-point list that does not paint the smartphone industry, nor their users, in a very favorable light when it comes to cybersecurity. While one possibly should not blame cybercriminals for taking advantage of lax security measures, after all that’s what cybercriminals do for a living, the list indicates…
Peter Stephenson, technology editor, SC Media
The Threat Hunter Blog

Dridex Re-Mastered

Well, it's been quite an eventful time since last I posted. I have so much in the works that it is hard to tell where to begin. It seems that we are seeing new flavors of ransomware every week and botnets seem to come and go with a frequency we've not seen in a while. This week, though, I promised Dridex, so Dridex it is.
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