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Rethinking cyber risk

Everyone agrees that risk is essential. They just have different versions of what risk is, Evan Schuman reports. It’s time to rethink risk – both how to operationalize it and how to define it. With all the incompatible views of risk from different stakeholders through an enterprise, it’s hardly surprising that so many organizations struggle…
Ransomware, Security News

Cybersecurity: Poised for a giant leap forward

Cybersecurity has enjoyed good health but is an industry itching for innovation and transformation – and the next big thing, Teri Robinson reports. When Neil Armstrong climbed down the ladder on the Apollo 11 lunar module, the Eagle, and toed the moon’s surface, as he so aptly stated, his small step simultaneously represented a giant…
Features, Security News

Ringing in a new National Privacy Law?

Privacy advocates have long called for a federal privacy law and it’s coming…in the mean time, experts say complying with the CCPA will lay the groundwork for future compliance with a federal law. Like revelers packing Times Square on New Year’s Eve waiting for the ball to drop, a close teeming crowd of organizations spent the…
Privacy & Compliance News and Analysis, Security News

Striving for a privacy culture

Sometimes an issue floats just beyond the horizon or simmers on the backburner before it boldly flashes forward, not to be ignored or diminished any longer. That’s what’s happened with privacy – percolating for years, the subject of discussion – but with true awareness rising in the U.S. only for the past 12 to 18…

Christy Wyatt, CEO, Dtex

Asking a question about an insider security breach at a former company and not getting the right, or actually any, answer is one of the reasons Christy Wyatt decided to take on the role of CEO at Dtex Systems. Wyatt tells a story of when she was CEO of another company that was suffering from…
Reboot Awards 2017

Threat Seeker – Dan Basile

Category: Threat Seaker Name: Dan Basile Title: Executive director, security operations center Company: Texas A&M Why nominated: A passionate, tenacious, and thoughtful information security advocate, Dan Basile’s profile and responsibility within the Texas A&M University (TAMU) System have risen dramatically in the last 12 years. Profile: The founder of Texas A&M University system’s security operations…

Whatever happened to Apple versus FBI?

SC Media throws it back to February 2016 when Apple and the FBI squared off for a contest that never happened. The immediate issue was temporarily resolved, but the controversy never died. Teri Robinson reports.
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