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How to build a successful offensive security research team

Over the last several years, as the threat landscape has continually evolved, the severity and sheer volume of security vulnerabilities and attacks has accelerated dramatically, causing the tech industry across the world to look for new ways to prevent crippling cyber attacks. In an effort to outthink and outmaneuver attackers, organizations have begun creating offensive…
Executive Insight, Opinion, Security News

Comparing 5G to Wi-Fi 6 from a security perspective

Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi systems have proven to be secure for thousands of demanding customers across virtually all industries. With the recent hype around 5G and service providers promoting 5G as an alternative to Wi-Fi in the enterprise, it pays to understand how 5G security stacks up against Wi-Fi security. Cellular security has improved with each generation.…
Executive Insight, Phishing

Going stealth: Bad guys embrace the power of branding

By Stu Sjouwerman Since the very dawn of organized phishing attacks, the bad guys have recognized the power of exploiting trusted brands and online services. Our original experience with phishing was defined by spoofed emails purporting to hail from popular banks. Their objective was simple: trick users into coughing up their online banking credentials with…
Opinion, Security News

Data Ethics – What Would You Do? Step Up or Step Away

On the ABC show “What Would You Do”, the show captures how people react when witnessing ethically challenging situations. Do they follow their moral compass and step up and say something or do they remain silent and “step away”? I suggest in today’s world where business interests all too often outweigh users’ rights and privacy;…
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