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Security News, Vulnerabilities

Eight-year-old zero day vulnerabilities found in iOS email app

Vulnerabilities in iOS version 6 and later dating from September 2012 that are triggered via the iOS email app have been disclosed that if exploited allow remote code execution. The problems were revealed by the security firm ZecOps, which has spotted the vulnerability being trigged in the wild on iOS 11.2.2 as far back as…
Phishing, Security News

American Express, PayPal customers now targeted by 16Shop

The Indonesian cybercrime gang Cyber Army has expanded its phishing-as-a-service offering, dubbed 16Shop, enabling users to target PayPal and American Express customers. This criminal operation was first picked up by McAfee in November 2018 and has primarily targeted Apple owners and Amazon customers for its phishing attacks, but now ZeroFOS’s Alpha Team has proof 16hop…
Executive Insight, Phishing

Going stealth: Bad guys embrace the power of branding

By Stu Sjouwerman Since the very dawn of organized phishing attacks, the bad guys have recognized the power of exploiting trusted brands and online services. Our original experience with phishing was defined by spoofed emails purporting to hail from popular banks. Their objective was simple: trick users into coughing up their online banking credentials with…
Millions used '123456' as a password in breach affecting 42 million
Email Security

Celeb nude hacker sentenced

A Chicago man involved in the postings of nude photos of several celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, is headed to jail
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