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jerome segura
Executive Insight

The highs and lows of Windows Updates

As with all large companies, Microsoft’s every move is highly scrutinized by external observers. Although some people are just there for the bashing, this is actually a normal and healthy situation that allows a large community to give feedback and raise concerns when the Redmond giant heads into the wrong direction. One always highly anticipated…
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Future-proofing Comes of Age in IT Security

None of us has a crystal ball, but we can put measures in place to move forward with confidence, taking advantage of new opportunities and addressing new challenges as they emerge. I’m referring to the business imperative of “future-proofing” in our hyper pace of change and disruption. Automobiles are now including Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s…
Executive Insight

When an App is Released into the App Store, Its Security Will Be Wildly and Fiercely Tested….Instantly. Are You Prepared?

Most of the apps published in a public app store are at the mercy of the users who download them.  Unfortunately, not everyone who downloads your app has good intentions. In fact, some people have decidedly malicious intentions, and you won’t know that your app is in harm’s way until the damage is done. Before…
jerome segura
Executive Insight

Microsoft Office: In the line of fire

One of Microsoft’s most popular products (at least in terms of revenues) is the Office suite, with the famous Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. In fact, the hegemony of the productivity software is not just limited to Windows PCs but also expands onto Macs, despite attempts from Apple at making their own version. The simplicity,…
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The Littler Fish in the Sea: Expanding the Menu of Spoofed Brands

If there is one key “feature” of phishing that has characterized the epidemic of malicious emails since the very beginning back in the early 2000s, it is the spoofing of well-recognized brand names.  The earliest phishing emails primarily spoofed banks and other financial institutions in order to trick unwitting users into coughing up their online…
Executive Insight, Opinions

Giving the game away: Five obvious “tells” in malicious emails

By Stu Sjouwerman, CEO, KnowBe4 As the online threats to organizations have grown over the past 10-15 years, security awareness training (SAT) has become a critical component of the security infrastructure deployed by IT departments to protect their networks from attacks by malicious actors, whether those attacks are driven by increasingly sophisticated phishing campaigns, voice-driven…
Executive Insight, Opinion

Breaking out of password Groundhog Day

In the classic comedy “Groundhog Day,”  weatherman Phil Connors, played by Bill Murray, must repeat the same day of his life over and over again until he finally changes his ways. It feels uncomfortably close to home to watch Murray’s character repeat the same routine, and make the same mistakes, until he finally takes a…
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