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Apple issues seven updates, fixes more than 40 vulnerabilities in iOS 8, OS 10.9.5
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Apple, FBI put Cellebrite in the spotlight

The tentative naming of the Israeli firm Cellebrite as the muscle behind the FBI's ability to hack into the iPhone used by San Bernardino, Calif. shooter Syed Farook without help from Apple, has brought this little known company into the spotlight.
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Cellebrite claims it can crack any iPhone or Android, Trump admins weigh encryption ban

Israeli data extraction firm Cellebrite announced the ability to break into any iPhone or Android device for law enforcement agencies near the same time Trump administration officials weighed the pros and cons of banning encryption law enforcement can’t break.   Senior Trump officials met Wednesday to discuss whether to seek legislation that would crack down on…

Whatever happened to Apple versus FBI?

SC Media throws it back to February 2016 when Apple and the FBI squared off for a contest that never happened. The immediate issue was temporarily resolved, but the controversy never died. Teri Robinson reports.
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