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Google rolls out new automated threat detection tool

Google and its subsidiary Chronicle are rolling out new automated threat detection capabilities for its Google Cloud platform to help companies scale up security monitoring for their legacy systems. The product – called Chronicle Detect – has been in the works for some time and Google unveiled some details around certain components earlier this year…
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Amid Iranian hacker crackdown, CISOs should prep for retaliation

The United States ran a full-court press against Iranian hackers last week, including indictments from the Department of Justice, the FBI identifying malware used in attacks, and the addition of government-aligned hackers to the sanctions list by Treasury. In theory, increasing pressure against a foreign group may cause a pause in operations. Alternately, sanctions can…
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Commerce imposes prohibitions on TikTok, WeChat

After previously expressing support for Oracle’s planned partnering with TikTok, the Trump administration took a step back from the deal Friday with the Commerce Department putting prohibitions on transactions related to the video-sharing platform and, separately, on the mobile communications app WeChat, both owned by Chinese companies. President Trump had said at a Wednesday news…
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Oracle will inherit TikTok security, privacy headaches

By partnering with the popular Chinese videosharing platform TikTok, Oracle will inherit a laundry list of security and privacy issues once the deal is approved, as soon as Sept. 20, by TikTok parent company ByteDance. TikTok boasts 100 million users in the U.S. and 689 million globally. Earlier this year President Trump threatened to ban…
APT 41
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U.S. charges 7 alleged state-sanctioned Chinese hackers

The Department of Justice on Wednesday unsealed indictments secured between August 2019 and August 2020 of seven foreign nationals accused of a bevy of international hacking incidents. The five Chinese and two Malaysian defendants are alleged members of a group often called APT 41, Wicked Panda or Wicked Spider, which is known to commit economic…
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New Zeppelin strand avoids AV detection with trojan downloader

A fresh wave of Zeppelin ransomware attacks discovered in late August went undetected by antivirus defenses as the result of a new trojan downloader and research suggests the attacks might be targeted. The presumably targeted infections were announced in a blog post by Juniper Threat Labs researcher Asher Langton. “This campaign shows an evolution of…
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Hacker-for-hire groups profit by commoditizing APT tactics

In the span of just over three months, researchers have exposed three mercenary, “hacker-for-hire” groups engaging in industrial espionage and stealing corporate secrets for profit. Despite using tactics, techniques and procedures that are more typical of a nation-state ATP group, these threat actors –  Dark Basin, DeathStalker and an unnamed third entity group detailed late last month by Bitdefender –…
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WatchGuard Firebox T80 vFireware OS 12.6.1

The WatchGuard Firebox T80 operates as an MSP-focused security platform that simplifies every aspect of security to make enterprise-grade security accessible to midmarket organizations. WatchGuard focuses on flexible integrations that seamlessly layer complex security services and assemble network traffic payloads. Sufficient protection against today’s digital threat landscape sometimes requires multiple services working together. WatchGuard combats…
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NYSE not susceptible to takedown like New Zealand exchange

After a new threat group claiming to be Fancy Bear and the Armada Collective used a DDoS attack to take down the New Zealand stock exchange, security experts say millions of dollars in infrastructure investment make it unlikely that major stock exchanges in New York, London or Hong Kong would suffer a similar take down,…
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