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FireEye report: hacking group APT28 and their tradecraft

Amidst a number of shocking revelations in relation to the Trump presidency, FireEye has released a report detailing some of the tools and tactics used by Russian hackers who are believed to be part of APT28 - a group of Russian state-back hackers - who are believed to be behind some of the year's headline grabbing hacks including the John Podesta emails, the WADA hack and the breach of the DNC during the election period.
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APT28 turns away from election hacking and back to cyberespionage

APT28 has shifted its primary operation away from election interference and is instead actively conducting cyberespionage campaigns against government and military organizations in Europe and South America. Symantec noted this shift in activity in a new report which showed APT28, aka Fancy Bear, was not deterred from conducting illicit activity even after being named as…
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New report undresses ‘Russian speaking’ APT 28

A new report by Bitdefender has, at least partially, undressed the infamous group APT28 claiming that it's a Russian speaking group with a particular interest in government officials, defence companies and Ukraine.
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Symantec: APT28 and APT29 likely already working on 2018 election

With less than two months to go before the midterm elections, Symantec reports that there is every reason to believe foreign interlopers will again pull out the stops in order to influence voters and sow confusion. “Given the impact the 2016 attacks had, there is a strong likelihood that these tactics may be used again…
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