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ATMs and Endpoint Security

Jackpotting isn’t anything new – but it can teach us valuable lessons about endpoint security. Jackpotting is a method of financial fraud that involves tampering with an ATM so that it spits out money as if the perpetrator has won a slot machine jackpot. This kind of attack has been going on in Russia, Europe…
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WinPot ATM jacking malware lets users play the slots while stealing

Cybercriminals have gamified the ATM jackpotting experience with a malware variant dubbed WinPot which includes a slot machine-like interface. The graphics are a node to the popular term ATM-jackpotting techniques designed to empty ATMs minor modifications just as WinPot does when it infects a target system, according to a Feb. 19 Kaspersky Lab blog post.…
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Report: ATM fraud on the rise

A report issued this week found that 10 percent of all credit and debit card fraud victims had cash withdrawn from their accounts via ATM transactions.
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