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What CISOs Should Consider Before Presenting to the Board

Cybersecurity has been gaining traction as a “board level topic” over the past several years. While boards of directors, along with executive management, all want the answer to, “How secure are we,” security professionals know that that answer doesn’t often come wrapped in a tidy little box. 


The Case for Security Awareness Training

This 20/20 editorial webcast looks at how CISOs can augment their professional cybersecurity team and security operations center with a highly aware user base to identify and defeat potential breaches.
Rob Pate, CSO, Renesys

Rob Pate, CSO, Renesys

Prior to his position at Renesys, Rob Pate was vice president for cybersecurity and privacy at McNeil Technologies. Mr. Pate served as the deputy director of outreach and awareness at the National Cyber Security Division at the Department of Homeland Security as well as the director of focused operations with the United States Computer Incident Readiness Team. He founded the Government Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (GFIRST). In addition to his GFIRST activities, Mr. Pate led the US-CERT situational awareness program which was focused on providing the government with early indications and warnings as well as the Chief Information Security Officer's (CISO) Forum for the entire federal government.
Colin Adams, information security officer, Equifax Canada
SC Congress Canada

Colin Adams, information security officer, Equifax Canada

As the leader of security and compliance for Equifax Canada, Colin Adams is responsible for the overall direction of security and compliance. His security team specifically oversees and leads efforts in the areas of identification of risks and the implementation and optimization of the standard security program in Canada, including security engineering, security operations, security compliance, fraud and investigations, physical security, and security and ethics awareness. The primary purpose of his role is to balance business risk with the appropriate strategic security solution to protect Equifax from threats that lead to untenable risk.

Work with other departments outside of the IT tower

During my discussions with other CISOs, the common thread among the truly successful is an ability to communicate with non-IT department heads. By seeking the views of your fellow department heads, the CISO can develop a complete information security strategy and establish security champions throughout the company. Security is the responsibility of all users in the enterprise, and by engaging the functional department heads, the CISO can begin to create a deeper awareness around security issues.
Amy Mushawar
Executive Insight

Is your incident response team ready?

One of the best ways to test incident readiness is a tabletop exercise, a mock incident administered for senior leadership, IT, security, legal, corporate communications and business line readiness.
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